About Go LoCo, Co-ops & us!

Why Co-ops?

Most independent restaurants find that self-delivery to their guests is simply too costly and a hassle to manage. By pulling together with restaurants in their community, they can share in the economy of scaling a delivery service.  

 Co-ops are owned by their members, usually the restaurants themselves. Members benefit from voting rights in decisions the delivery company makes and profit-sharing arrangements.   

As owners, members have buy-in into the success of the delivery business. Acting collectively as a community helps change guest behavior away from the big apps in favor of the local co-op alternative.    

 By engaging in the wider Go LoCo network they harness the business expertise and support to ensure the delivery service can be a success. They also access great technology that competes with the big apps.    

About Go LoCo

Go LoCo is a joint-venture and public benefit corporation that brings together the efforts of two companies LoCo Co-ops and Dine.Direct. Our teams work well together, driven by the same goal- a passion to put restaurants back in control of food delivery. The closer we work together, the faster we move. 

LoCo Co-ops, brings all the actors together- restaurants, drivers, and customers. They work with restaurant owners in cities across the United States to create co-operatives. They also give hands-on coaching that draws on years of local delivery experience. 

Dine.Direct provides a white-label platform to local delivery companies and restaurants that are easy to use. They offer guest marketplace apps, easy order menus, restaurant management, and integrations with last-mile delivery software providers and driver apps. 

Meet the team

Jon Sewell


Julie Campbell

VP Operations

Ralph Burleson


Trevor Brazier

VP Product

Kyle Brown

VP Finance

Ken Irvine

VP Sales

Ameen Azeemi

Head of Development

Delfina Paesani

Head of Marketing & Design

Selene Bousquet

Head of Customer Care & Support

Amelia Sewell

Head of Field Operations